About Us​

Jonathan Munyany Jonathan Munyany, founder of Joyland Prime Academy, taught this school himself, on the first day of September 8th, 2008 with one child sitting on a stone. During his years, Jonathan witnessed extreme poverty and how his teaching and assistance from cooperate and individual partners could transform local communities and lift lives.

Our Mission

long term free quality education to abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children To provide quality education to children in need so they can build future for themselves, their families, communities and country.

Our Vision

To make education accessible and useful.

Our Goals

To prevent the exploitation of orphaned girls who are forced at an early age into marriage and the commercial sex industry in large numbers to earn money as prostitutes.
To prevent current school dropouts.
To promote education and literacy so that each child might secure a brighter future through productive adult employment.
To reduce early child labor.
To maintain a highly transparent financial accountability to our supporters and government regulators.
To improve nutrition by providing regular meals to our children who suffer from malnutrition diseases and are dying at alarming rates.
To serve our children by training and developing our staff with the best practices in educational services.
To reduce childhood drug addictions.

Our Teachers

overseas volunteer opportunities The teachers develop schemes of work and lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives. They facilitate learning by establishing a relationship with pupils and by their organization of learning resources and the classroom learning environment.

They develop and foster the appropriate skills and social abilities to enable the optimum development of children, according to age, ability and aptitude. They assess and record progress and prepare pupils for examinations. They link pupils' knowledge to earlier learning and develop ways to encourage it further, and challenge and inspire pupils to help them deepen their knowledge and understanding.


To teach the classes assigned by the Primary or Secondary Principal.
To undertake other duties assigned by the Primary or Secondary Principal.
To be informed about the aims and curriculum of the area in which he/she teaches.
In the light of these aims and curricula, to select the lesson content and activities which are appropriate to the needs of each student in his/her class(es), in relation to the school’s philosophy and objectives. The expectations for the delivery of these are spelled out in the appraisal documents.
To be aware that the appraisal documents encompass what is expected of teachers in relation to their teaching practices.
To maintain records of work covered by his/her class(es).
To correct regularly and promptly all assignments completed by students.
To keep accurate, complete records of the progress of each student.
To inform parents of students' progress by way of report cards and, where necessary, letters or individual meetings.
To be available for all parent-teacher conferences.

School Development Plan

prevent school dropout and promote quality education 1) Advancing Education (ASE) - The goal of the project is to build more 7 spacious clean classrooms in school. The school lacks funds to build classrooms. The project will promote learning moral and performance through eliminating injuries, wounds, breathing complications, a lot of sweating, school drop out, absenteeism, loss of teaching staff, coughs, eye diseases, and negative feeling about quality of hygiene in school.

2) Furniture for Comfortable Learning (FCL) - The goal of the project is to buy 98 students desks, 15 staff classroom chairs, 3 book cases and 4 staff tables in school. Some students use their thighs as desks while teachers mark exercises while standing up. The project will eliminate severe tiredness, backaches, neck aches, body paining, loss of staff, uncomfortable leaning, paralyzed legs, absenteeism and school drop out through provision of furniture.

3) Advancing English grammar, Reading and Writing Skills (AERWS) -The goal of the project is to acquire 500 story books, 400 curriculum books, 30 English-Swahili dictionaries, 8 atlases, 30 English dictionaries, 20 christian bibles, 20 Islamic Qurans, 3000 note books, 100 wall charts, 100 boxes of crayons at school. The school lacks school supplies and funds to buy them. The project will improve spoken English, English vocabulary, reading skills, understanding skills, writing skills, uplift performance, uplift learning moral and prevent school drop out. To make these materials safe and clean school needs to build a small library.

School Development Plan 4) Granting Opportunity Through Technology (GOTT) - The goal of the project is to buy or acquire 30 donated desktop/laptop computers to develop IT room and install internet at Joyland. The school has 2 computers to be used by over 300 students and we lack funds to buy more. The computers will help students develop computer skills, exchange of learning experiences/skills/knowledge and make external friends through IT lessons in school, online lessons/intranet, Skype with friendly schools and writing emails.

5) Water For Life (WFL) -The goal of the project is to build 1 cistern tank to harvest rain water. The school children lack fresh water to drink the whole day. The project will promote learning, retain children in school and good health through provision of fresh water for drinking.

6) Lifting Girls Hygiene (LGH) - The goal of the project is to buy or acquire 400 donated girls sanitary materials. The project will help promote girls self worth, expression, honor, presence in school, respect and freedom at all times.None of school girls have sanitary materials to use.