Donate - Building Classrooms - Fundraising Campaign​

Thank you for Your Generosity!

The problem this project is solving

Children are a particularly vulnerable group within severely poverty stricken communities and deserted families. About half of the orphans have lost one or both parents to AIDS and abandoned children have no parents to provide basic needs, with the majority of these children living in child-headed households or with elderly relatives. These vulnerable families, who have little or no access to education services are Joyland's beneficiaries.

The impact of the project

The project will provide spacious classrooms, retain children in school, control injuries caused by rough walls and floors, increase results during examinations, and children will love learning.

The potential long-term impact of the project

We are contributing to building a future self reliable and educated community, free from illiteracy, drug abuse, forced marriages and early pregnancies.

What we need to assist children better

The project needs funds to build classrooms to maintain academic quality.